Dude News: April 2nd, 2018

Some Great News About Headaches And Sex.

…if you’re a man (or woman!) who’s had attempts at sex thwarted by the, “I have a headache” excuse, congratulations. Your day has arrived. It all changes, forever, as of today. Because research has finally proven that sex can CURE a headache: https://goo.gl/UYCdsm

Jim’s Office Reunion Idea Is A Good One

…John Krasinski is doing a ton of press for his upcoming movie, ‘A Quiet Place’ (which looks UNREAL, by the way), and that means he’s fielding questions about the role he’s best known for, Jim from ‘The Office’. And, he’s got a pretty cool idea for an Office reunion: https://goo.gl/B6wLC2

Karlsson’s Razzle Dazzle 

…and finally, here’s the goal everyone’s talking about from NHL action this weekend. And of course it happened in Vegas, where so much cool has happened in hockey this season: