Dude News: April 3rd, 2018

Fort Mac Fires Inspired This Dude To Drop 326 Pounds

…if you’ve been trying to drop some weight, how’s this for motivation? A dude who lost 326 pounds over the last few years. But it’s not so much the “how”, as it is the “why”. What pushed him to start shedding pounds? The Fort Mac fires: https://goo.gl/tDYfFa

Here’s A Bunch Of Tiger Bets For The Masters This Weekend

…The Masters are already a pretty exciting time for sports fans, but that hits a whole new gear when you factor in a rejuvenated Tiger Woods, playing his best golf in years. That’s led to a bunch of Tiger prop bets, and a bunch of other betting opportunities for this weekend’s golf major: https://goo.gl/9Q73aJ

Jurassic World Evolution Looks Badass 

…and finally, say what you will about the most recent Jurassic Park movie(s), but this video game it’s spawned looks pretty cool. Say hello to ‘Jurassic World: Evolution’, which looks an awful lot like this old Roller Coaster: Tycoon games, only with big ass dinosaurs: