Dude News: April 5th, 2017

Jurassic World 2 Is Bringing Back A Fan Fave!

…alright, lots to get to today, Tiger. Let’s not waste any time. First, news about Jurassic World 2, and can I start with an unpopular opinion? The last movie sucked. Jurassic World, I’m talking about you. I love Jurassic Park as a franchise, I love Chris Pratt, and I love the idea of dinosaurs terrorizing humans. But man, that movie sucked. So, I’m hoping this is a good sign. They’re bringing back a fan-favourite dinosaur from the original Jurassic Park for the next movieL https://goo.gl/DWSLVN

These Vegas Hangover Buses Are Genius

…have you heard about these hangover buses they have down in Vegas? If you’re looking to get rich quick, get a couple of these going in the next few months! You’d have a license to print money during Stampede: https://goo.gl/2SS9H0

Ovi’s Still Going To South Korea.

…two interesting tweets from yesterday. First, remember how Ted Leonsis, the dude who owns the Washington Capitals, said Alex Ovechkin could/would go to the Olympics whether or not the NHL had a deal in place? Well, sounds like that’s still the plan:

And, Tony Romo? Sure, he’s retired…but if the right situation presents itself in Dallas:

First Trailer For Spike’s Chris Farley Documentary

…and finally, here’s your first trailer for Spike’s Heath Ledger documentary, which looks like it should be much like their Chris Farley doc, which was incredible: