Dude News: April 6th, 2017

A Grilled Cheese Restaurant In Calgary?!

…got lunch plans? Because I think I’m about to cancel mine, forever. There’s a new grilled cheese restaurant in town, with tons of sandwich options, homemade ketchups, homemade soups, and pie milkshakes?! Meet Grate & Barrel: https://goo.gl/BH8mZd

Walking Dead Numbers Are Down

…fan of the Walking Dead? I might have some bad news. The numbers? They’re not great. In fact, after seven seasons, the writing could be on the wall, which seems weird for a show that looked like it could go twenty: https://goo.gl/43p3is

Golden Tee For A Living??

…we should quit our jobs. Enough of this sluggin’ it out for The Man. It’s time we chase our dream(s), including the one of playing Golden Tee Golf for a living. There’s dudes who make $100K/year doing it! https://goo.gl/W0FCyM

Snoop’s UFC Commentary Is Gold

…and finally, this video didn’t just get me hyped for UFC 210 this weekend. It also made me wonder if the UFC needs to think about hiring Snoop Dogg for their commentary team: