Dude News: April 7th, 2017

Riverdale’s Made In Vancouver?

…I’m in a weird spot right now, man. I’d finally come to grips with my love of Riverdale on Netflix, tuning in each week, faithfully. But now, it feels like the show has hit a bit of a lull, creating more questions than it answers, which really tends to expose some of the worst parts of the show; the bad acting, the foolish premises, the fact that Jughead’s sister’s name is Jellybean. Anyway, gonna try out the new episode tonight and hope it’s better. In the meantime, did you know they’re shooting this thing in Vancouver?! https://goo.gl/qkyhQQ

UFC 210 Should Be Fun!

…there’s a few interesting storylines going into UFC 210 tomorrow night, but the most compelling this week has been word that Jon Jones is going to be involved. Sure, he’s still suspended until this summer, but we know he’ll be there:

That he’s planning on having a party: https://goo.gl/9UxxLV

And that current champion Daniel Cormier doesn’t want him there:

This should be fun.

Tom Delonge Is Still Chasing Aliens

…while the rest of Blink-182 has gotten refocused on being a busy, successful rock band, former member Tom Delonge has decided to focus his efforts on something entirely different: being an alien-obsessed crazy person: https://goo.gl/zfbgoJ

Keanu Reeves Makes Bikes?

…and finally, if you’d like to get in on our CJAY 92 Kids Fund Motorcycle Rally, don’t have a bike, and have an extra $80,000 laying around, Keanu Reeves has his own line of motorcycles! And they’re sweet: 

If you’ve already got a bike and don’t wanna spend the $80K, that’s cool. You can still come ride and help the kids! Here’s the details: http://www.iheartradio.ca/cjay92/contests/cjay-92-kids-fund-motorcycle-rally-1.2507081