Dude News: April 9th, 2018

"Let's Go Broncos" At The Rush Game

…I’m sure you were every bit as gutted as I was to hear about the tragedy that befell the Humboldt Broncos hockey team this weekend. In the wake of those events, we’ve seen some really great acts of humanity. Whether it’s a GoFundMe that’s now over 4 million dollars: https://goo.gl/XRbU9U

Or, the crowd at the Saskatchewan Rush game all chanting, “Let’s Go Broncos!”:

Or, the Violent Gentlemen releasing a special t-shirt, with 100% of proceeds to Humboldt.

A Female Bond? Here’s The Odds, And The Favourite.

…I learned two things today. First, there’s odds on who’ll be the next James Bond. Like, that’s a thing you can bet on. Then, I learned about an actress whose odds just went from 250:1 to 50:1. She had a pretty big weekend at the box office, and now her name’s in the Bond mix: https://goo.gl/v71rqa

Randy Really Likes Costco’s Beer.

…and finally, imagine loving something so much that you decide to make your own commercial for it. Now, imagine that that thing is Costco’s Kirkland brand beer, and your homemade ad has gone viral: