Dude News: August 24th, 2017

The SNES Classic Looks Worthy Of The Coming Christmas Hype

…I didn’t fall too hard down the rabbit hole last Christmas, when everyone was going crazy for the NES Classic. I was more of a Super Nintendo kid, so that hype didn’t really apply to me. Which means I’m in real trouble this Christmas. Because the SNES Classic is gonna be this year’s must-have…and it looks sweet: https://goo.gl/nsYpje

A Pennywise IPA!

…this is cool. Punk legends Pennywise are getting a nice little accolade to add to their resume; their very own beer! It’s a session IPA, courtesy of Lost Coast Brewing, a really rad brewery from Northern California. Have a look! https://goo.gl/EuHtZb

Tattoo Science!

…summer coming to a close might be a real bummer, but Beakerhead on the horizon is a reason too be stoked about September. I was doing my best to describe it to Modz yesterday, but was basically just able to sum it up as “really cool science sh*t, all over Calgary”. So instead, I showed him. One of the first nights of “cool science sh*t” that caught my eye? ‘Inked: The Science of Skin Deep’: https://goo.gl/Hsh9ix

Seth Tried Out For Dwight

…and finally, you know what I learned yesterday? Seth Rogen auditioned for the role of Dwight on ‘The Office’. Weird: