Dude News: August 31st, 2017

A Petition To Put Bret Hart In The Wax Museum!

…I know my boy Jesse Modz will be on board with this, and odds are you will be too! There’s petition going around to get Calgary’s own Bret “The Hitman” Hart into the wax museum down in Hollywood: https://goo.gl/j3ExgW

Footnote: why haven’t we considered a Bret statue here in town? Seems like a no brainer, and might have more appeal to Calgarians than some of the horrific public art we’ve been forced to lay claim to. Just saying.

GnR Wanted A Lot Of Cash For A Leather Jacket Last Night

…some pretty mixed reviews on the Guns n Roses show last night. Some said the sound was awful, other people raved about it. Maybe the biggest surprise to me? The price of leather jackets they had for sale:

The Black Beast Is Driving Around, Helping Harvey Victims

…as awful as things have been in south Texas the last week or so, there’s been no shortage of examples of famous people stepping up to help. Sure, you’ve heard about the high-profile financial donations, but did you hear about the UFC fighter who’s been driving around rescuing people with his truck: https://goo.gl/fdeMXc

A BBQ Doc!

…and finally, a documentary on barbecue, because what could possibly be more DUDE News than that?