Dude News: August 3rd, 2018

They’re Working On A New Sandlot!

…the good news? Apparently, they’re working on a revival of ‘The Sandlot’, with a prequel. The original writer and director is on board, too. And, it all falls on the 25th anniversary of the movie. More HERE: https://goo.gl/v37i9W

The bad news? Still no word on a follow up to The Mighty Ducks. In fact, we’ve heard nothing since whispers of a project back in January: https://goo.gl/Mxq7LC

Keep the faith, fellow Ducks enthusiasts. 

More Modern Steak Is A Big Win

…great to hear that the best steak joint in town is expanding. This is a win for everybody.

Newish Rise Against!

…and finally, if you’re looking for some new music for your long weekend, consider the new(ish) stuff from Rise Against. ‘Ghost Note Symphonies’ which is a collection of reimagined versions of some of their biggest songs. It’s out now, and it’s awesome.