Dude News: August 7th, 2018

Reuben and the Dark’s ‘Bobcaygeon’

…I wanna start today’s blog with some I stumbled upon by complete accident this weekend. Imagine my surprise, scrolling through Apple Music on Saturday morning with a cup of coffee, and discovering that Calgary’s own Reuben and the Dark laid down a cover of The Tragically Hip’s ‘Bobcaygeon’.

The coolest part? All proceeds from the cover go to a great cause: https://www.downiewenjack.ca/

The Browns QBs Have A Top Secret Clubhouse

…HBO’s new season of ‘Hard Knocks’ fires up tonight, spotlighting the Cleveland Browns training camp with five episodes behind the scenes. I know a lot of people are eager to see how much the team has improved, and how bright the future is, but I’m just really curious to find out more about the RV. Oh, you haven’t heard about the RV that the quarterbacks bought and turned into a QBs-only clubhouse? Have a look: https://goo.gl/a3iyNJ

Decoding Wine Douche

…and finally, because my cohost is always hassling me about being a snob when it comes to wine and other alcohol, here’s a handy guide to decoding douchey wine speak: https://goo.gl/BtAkMj