Dude News: August 8th, 2018

Watermelon Steak Has The Internet Puzzled

…what’s that? A watermelon steak, that’s what.

And, yes, like you (I’m assuming), people are very unsure how to feel about it: https://goo.gl/caJ6sy

Goldberg From The Mighty Ducks Is Looking ROUGH.

…yeesh, remember last week when I mentioned that follow-up to the Sandlot that they’re working on, and how we’ve heard nothing about a new Mighty Ducks project? Well, maybe that’s because they don’t have a goalie. 

Goldberg? He’s not doing so well: https://goo.gl/Q2MLps

Super Nintendo Mini? Still Really Popular.

…and finally, I know there’s been some talk/suspicion that Nintendo might release a miniature version of the Nintendo 64 for Christmas this year. They might not need to, you guys. The mini Super Nintendo is still selling like crazy: https://goo.gl/yW7VH2