Dude News: December 7th, 2017

How Bad Are The California Fires? This Bad.

…this looks way, way too familiar, after last summer’s Fort McMurray wildfires. You’ve likely heard about the latest round of forest fires in California, but this visual really gives you an idea how bad it is right now:

The Substitute Phone Is Here To Help Your Addiction

…if you know someone who’s way too attached to their phone, or you ARE that dude/chick, reading this on your phone right now, this should interest you. Austria has developed the Substitute Phone, designed to help people who can’t put their device down, or stop swiping/pinching/scrolling: https://goo.gl/DQu9t9

Jags Is A Pretty Cool Link To NHL History

…cool stat from Twitter yesterday, really shows you how cool it is to have a relic like Jaromir Jagr still around:

We’ve Got That Black Mirror Release Date

…and finally, not just a new trailer for Black Mirror, a new trailer for Black Mirror WITH A RELEASE DATE!!! December 29th, it’s all ours.