Dude News: February 14th, 2018

Make Your Dude A Flamethrower For V Day.

…ladies, can we talk? I know there’s female DUDE News readers. And I also know that I’m about to do my fellow dudes a favour, so guys, you may wanna pass this blog along to your ladyfriend. Today is Valentine’s Day. You know this. And maybe, you either haven’t gotten your dude anything, or are unsure that what you did get him is something that he really wants. If either is the case, fret not. Here’s something you can make for your man, and for a lot cheaper than what a real one would run you. See, a couple of weeks ago, Elon Musk released flamethrowers onto the market at about $500 a pop, and they sold out super quick…because dudes love flamethrowers. It’s in our DNA. Thankfully, the Internet has figured out how to make one, and it’ll only cost you $217:

The Thibaults Could Use Our Help

…a serious pause for a moment, please. A member of the Alberta beer community is going through a tough time, and could really use some support. I got this note from DUDE News reader Patrick Schnarr, from Outcast Brewing here in Calgary:


Thanks for taking the time to look over this. Chris is a good friend of mine and very active in the Edmonton beer scene, running a really well produced vlog called the Fermentation Project (On youtube).


I met him about a year ago through Outcast and he has become a close friend and one of the few people I talk to on a day to day basis. He's an RCMP officer (I believe in his 8th year) and has a lovely wife Sidney and daughter Abby who just turned 3. This isn't the first tragedy this family has gone through recently. Chris suffered a massive heart attack two years ago at only 27. Ironically, he's one of the healthiest people I know - he had heart disease and didn't know it. 


Sidney and my wife Krysten were both due on the same day - this Saturday. Sid went into hard labour early Sunday morning, and they rushed her to the hospital where they couldn't find a heartbeat - the baby had been active at the start of labour. Doctors rushed her in for an emergency c section, but sadly the baby - who they named Charlie - had already passed.


It would mean a lot to the family and their massive support network if you could get the word out about their GoFundMe.



Patrick Schnarr


Outcast Brewing

If you’d like to donate, you can do so HERE: https://goo.gl/VunFyA

Goodbye, Jagr Lagr.

…and finally, one of the final steps in our farewell to Jaromir Jagr happens this Friday. See you at Village, for our final pint(s) of Jagr Lagr: