Dude News: February 15th, 2018

Those Black Mirror Robot Dogs Are A Real Thing

…oh my God, we are screwed, friends. By now, surely you’ve caught up on Black Mirror, or at the very least, you know the premise. Season 4 had an episode where these robot dogs terrorized the remaining humans on planet earth. Well, bad news. Those dogs are far more plausible than you’d likely care to know:

First Look: Papa Het’s Acting Debut 

…here’s your first look at James Hetfield’s acting debut. The Metallica frontman will be playing Office Bob Hayward, in ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile’, a Ted Bunny biopic:

Brace Yourself, IG Creep Notifications Are Coming

…and finally, bad news for the creeps. More specifically, the Instagram creepers. They’re testing out a new feature that’ll bust you for taking screenshots: https://goo.gl/xuxFMR