Dude News: February 20th, 2017

Here’s Your Simba For The Lion King Movie!

…they’re remaking The Lion King? That was news to me this weekend. Apparently, it’s been like 25 years, but this still feels a little unnecessary. Anyway, it’s not just a rumour, they’re full blown casting this thing. And they’ve already got their Simba and Mufasa: https://goo.gl/lC2ISh

GSP’s Back, But Who’s He Gonna Fight?

…there’s a couple of interesting layers to this story. First, Georges St.Pierre is officially back:

Je suis de retour... I'm back!@hayabusacombat #TeamHayabusa #MMA#GSPIsBack pic.twitter.com/tGlvMwoawl

— Georges St-Pierre (@GeorgesStPierre) February 18, 2017

Which tells you how badly the UFC needs star power right now. Brock Lesnar gone back to wrestling again, Ronda Rousey looking pretty retired, Jon Jones out til the summer with another suspension, Conor McGregor eying up more money and/or boxing. But wait. Maybe McGregor could be Georges’ comeback fight? https://goo.gl/fXhKHW

This Dude’s Sharing His Advance Copy Nintendo Switch With Us

…this dude’s got one of those new Nintendo Switches that you can’t even buy yet, so he’s sharing it with the rest of us. And it looks sweet: https://goo.gl/IYjTDg

Wear A Helmet When Sledding, Here’s Why

…and finally, a cautionary tale about always wearing a helmet when tobogganing: