Dude News: January 10th, 2018

Human Curling In Calgary!

…ok, with all due respect to all of the other winter activity options, this might be the coolest. And odds are, you’ve never done it. But, the good news? We’re less a month away, from your next opportunity to try HUMAN CURLING, right here in Calgary: https://goo.gl/ZHFWSV

20 Twenty Year Old Songs To Make You Feel Like Old Balls

…I’m not sure why they put these lists together, “____ Things Turning ____ In _____!”, because all they do is make us feel old, and wonder where the time has gone, and how exactly we wound up so old and busted. Nevertheless, here’s 20 songs that turn twenty years old this year: https://goo.gl/5sm83y

Holy sh*t, you’re old.

Pickle Bun Reuben Sandwiches

…and finally, usually Facebook recipe videos aren’t worth posting, largely because they:

  1. don’t turn out looking/tasting anything like the video.
  2. aren’t worth the amount of work you’d need to put in.

But goddammit, these pickle bun Reuben sandwiches look unreal, and do-able: