Dude News: January 12th, 2018

LegoBar Is Coming!

…this details are few right now, but what we do know for sure is worthy of your excitement, dude. You’re familiar with LegoBar? It’s exactly like it sounds, a pop-up bar made entirely of LEGO. But here’s where a cool concept gets really, really exciting. It’s coming to Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal this spring. Like I said, very few details right now, but there’s a form you can fill out on their website for more info: https://goo.gl/vCZ5we

Here’s Your Way Into Area 51

…let your brain run wild with this story. There’s a top secret airline looking to hire a flight attendant…for daily flights into Area 51: https://goo.gl/xw4Yf9

Get In Bed With Biz & Nasher

…and finally, a great debut episode of ‘Pillow Talk with Biz & Nasher’ from the Phoenix Coyotes digital department: