Dude News: January 5th, 2017

Kissenger Will Help You Get Intimate Through Your Smartphone

…look, I love technology. I love new ideas just as much as the next guy, especially ones that change the way we do things, make us more efficient, and better our lives. But this? I’m not sold on this. An accessory/app for your iPhone, that lets you send actual robotic kisses to your loved one(s): https://goo.gl/kmVWfH

Meet The 92-93 Pittsburgh Penguins

…the Columbus Blue Jackets are really good this year, and it’s really weird. They were supposed to be hot garbage again this season, as per usual, and instead find themselves 27-5-4, and one the verge of tying the NHL’s longest winning streak record tonight in Washington. The team that holds the record? The 1992-93 Pittsburgh Penguins. Learn more about that legendary team HERE: https://goo.gl/Uvov0v

Snoop Dogg Got Willie Nelson A GREAT Christmas Gift

…I love that Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson exchange Christmas gifts, that just seems so right, you know? Wait till you see what Snoop got Willie: https://goo.gl/mVTCzl

The Notorious Jockey?

…and finally, what’s Conor McGregor up to? Because a horse jockey, with John Lovitz?