Dude News: January 5th, 2018

Crokicurl Has Arrived In Calgary

…you know that feeling, when you see something that you need, but had no idea you needed it, because you were unaware of its existence? Let me get specific here. Are you familiar with Crokicurl?

Anyway, news of this new game has spread across our home and native land like wildfire this week. And the general consensus amongst curling/crokinole/crokicurl fans has been, “WHY IS THIS ONLY A THING IN WINNIPEG?!”. Well, it’s now a Calgary thing, too: https://goo.gl/Dus5YD

Here’s How To Save $1500 This Year

…keeping with a theme that everyone’s been talking about the last few days, how’s this for a New Year’s resolution? Squirrelling away a little bit of money, each day, all year. And the end result? An extra $1500. Here’s how: https://goo.gl/EXcAJT

Boston Calling Is Calling

…and finally, tis the season for summer festival announcements. And one of the best ones so far? Boston Calling, which may be beckoning to you for a road trip to Massachusetts this summer: