Dude News: July 11th, 2018

You Can Get Banned For Life From Uber For Smelling Like Weed.

…as previously mentioned, this blog isn’t designed to tell you how to live your life, nor is it designed to monger fear. However, a friendly public service announcement? That’s right up our alley. And yes, it’s true. You can absolutely get permanently banned from Uber for smelling like weed. So, make sure your cologne game is strong if you’re smoking up, once marijuana is legal this fall. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof: https://goo.gl/g54o3i

Saddest Disney Songs, Ranked.

…click this at your own risk. The saddest Disney songs, ranked. Don’t lie, you’ve wept to at least one of these: https://goo.gl/u9meSg

A Pool Noodle Bazooka!

…and finally, HEY! You there! You like NERF guns? How about a NERF gun that’ll shoot a pool noodle with bazooka velocity? Well, you’re in luck.