Dude News: July 12th, 2018

Being An Instagram Model Is A Dangerous Gig

…”did you hear about the Instagram model who got attacked by a shark while taking a photo?” Sounds like the setup for a Dad joke. But no, it’s a very real thing that happened:

Please remember that there are real risks associated with being an Instagram model, and that the dangers local girls like Ashley Resch put themselves up against are terrifying. What if she’d drowned in these Lucky Charms?

Fallen off of this bar?

Been hit by this SUV?

Fallen off of this counter?

Or choked on this pen?

Is Lebron Underpaid?

…I know dudes like Lebron James make a ton of money, so we wouldn’t often classify them as “underpaid”. However, when you read it put this way, and think about the value that athletes like that can bring to a franchise, it makes you wonder: https://goo.gl/vPgV73

Mayans Is Almost Here!

…and finally, the wait is almost for ‘Mayans MC’, FX’s Sounds of Anarchy spinoff. It’ll debut on September 4th, according to this release from the network, which also has the return dates for It’s Always Sunny and American Horror Story: https://goo.gl/FHu1iF