Dude News: July 6th, 2018

A Bunch Of Swiss Soccer Kids Working On Their Neymar

…who is Neymar? He’s a Brazilian soccer player, and odds are, you’ve seen him rolling around on the ground during this year’s World Cup. So, good on these Swiss youth soccer players, who decided to mock all of that diving, by running a new drill, “The Neymar”.

Here’s Which Chips Are Giving You The Best Bang For Your Buck

…this sure doesn’t sound/feel like a question we NEEDED answered, per se. But it is valuable intel. And maybe it’ll help you make a tough decision at the grocery store, gas station, or vending machine in the near future. A study has finally revealed which chip brands offer the most (and least!) air-to-chip ratio in their bag. So who’s actually giving you the most chips? Have a look: https://goo.gl/73ThVa

Is Sacha Baron Cohen Doing A Trump Movie?

…and finally, this tweet has everyone wondering if Sacha Baron Cohen has found his next target. Donald Trump?

Maybe. More HERE: https://goo.gl/fFzgBX