Dude News: July 9th, 2018

Brock Lesnar Crashed UFC 226

…well, everyone’s talking about it, so we might as well start with it. Yes, Brock Lesnar showed up at UFC 226 this weekend. And yes, he definitely brought pro wrestling with him.

To be clear, it’s not all on Brock. Daniel Cormier was more than happy to help sell this thing like a wrestling promo, and why wouldn’t he? DC’s the biggest WWE fan on the UFC roster, and never misses a Wrestlemania. On top of that, this’ll put MILLIONS into his bank account this November, I’m willing to bet.

It’s just a little bit of a bummer, as a mixed martial arts fan. You never want your sport to have to get this gimmicky. It’d be great if they had enough consistent stars and momentum to just be a sport, without all of the drama. NFL fans, imagine if Tom Brady had to hop on the microphone after each Super Bowl win and call another quarterback a piece of shit? While that is a very funny visual, it’d be a bummer if that were your sport’s reality. Just my two cents.


And, for the record, I’ll still watch the hell out of this fight. So, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Adidas Is Making GoT Kicks!

…Adidas is about to roll out some Game of Thrones sneakers, and I don’t even watch this show, but damn, I’d rock a pair of these White Walkers: https://goo.gl/gkdLh1

Heart’s Ann Wilson Covers Cornell

…and finally, here’s Heart’s Ann Wilson, covering her friend Chris Cornell’s ‘I Am The Highway’, for a covers project she’s releasing on September 14th.

The project’s called ‘Immortal’. It’ll be out in this fall, with covers of a bunch of artists we’ve lost over the last few years.

1. “A Different Corner” (George Michael)

2. “A Thousand Kisses Deep” (Leonard Cohen)

3. “Back to Black” (Amy Winehouse)

4. “Baker Street” (Gerry Rafferty)

5. “I Am the Highway” (Chris Cornell, Audioslave)

6. “I’m Afraid of Americans” (David Bowie)

7. “Life in the Fast Lane” (The Eagles)

8. “Luna” (Tom Petty)

9. “Politician” (Cream)

10. “You Don’t Own Me” (Lesley Gore)

If you somehow haven’y seen Ann cover Cornell before, here she is doing ‘Black Hole Sun’ with Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell at the 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony.