Dude News: June 13th, 2018

Greg Hardy With A Vicious KO, And A UFC Contract.

…wow. I know a lot of people didn’t like the UFC’s signing of Greg Hardy (and rightly so!), a dude with a history of domestic violence. Last night, they debuted Hardy, on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series. And it would appear that despite the outrage, Greg’s not going anywhere: https://goo.gl/a1ie89

Just violent, man.

And, shortly thereafter, they announced they’d signed Hardy, to a developmental deal. 

Fortnite’s ProAm Looked Sweet.

…the folks over at Fortnite did something pretty rad last night, in conjunction. The first ever Fort Nite Pro-Am, teaming celebrities with everyday gamers, for charity: https://goo.gl/gP2s85

And, as pointed out by my boy Kevin Stanfield, it is cool to see video games doing something positive.

The Sens Are A Mess, On And Off Of The Ice

…and finally, easily the weirdest story you’ll read today. What went wrong with the Ottawa Senators last year? A lot of things, obviously. But the strangest problem wasn’t on the ice. It was on social media, with two of the players’ significant others: https://goo.gl/paAhM6