Dude News: June 14th, 2018

The Human Comic Book

…I don’t care how big of a comic book fan you are. How many figurines you’ve collected, how many hours spent arguing in comic book stores with dudes who look way too much like The Simpsons’ “Comic Book Guy”, or how many times you’ve seen every Avengers movie. You’re not the biggest comic book fan out there. This dude is. Essentially, a human comic book, with over 350 Marvel tattoos. And yes, that’s a world record: https://goo.gl/kLw6Tp

Nick Boynton Is Afraid To Die.

…former NHLer Nick Boynton has penned a hell of a piece for The players Tribune, a publication that really is changing the way fans get to know athletes. Nick’s story is a somber one, with a message that we often hear after a pro hockey player is gone. Nick Boynton is afraid to die: https://goo.gl/zR1aqc

Kraft Deaner Has Returned!

…and finally, Kraft Deaner is back in stock! For a limited time, though. And it sounds like it’s selling quick:

And, in case you’re unsure of how to prepare it, Deaner’s got you covered.