Dude News: June 1st, 2018

One Night Stan’s!

…first piece of exciting news? A new bar on 17th Ave. Second piece of exciting news? The fact they’ll have a truly dog friendly patio: https://goo.gl/ToZsmc

Looks like these guys are ready to open up shop shortly. Keep an eye on their Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/1nightstans/

The Caps & Golden Knights MarioKart Bond

…there really wasn’t any way that the Golden Knights and Capitals were going to have much history. First off, Vegas is brand new to the league. And second, the two teams herald from different conferences, from opposite parts of the continent. But, they do share one significant bond. A Nintendo 64: https://goo.gl/epcD1F

Weird Al Covers The Foo

…and finally, how about Weird Al, covering the Foo Fighters in San Diego the other night? But here’s the thing. No jokes, no parodied lyrics, just a straight up (and pretty good!) cover. See, that’s how perfect Dave Grohl is, you guys. EVEN WEIRD AL WON’T MOCK HIM.