Dude News: June 23rd, 2017

Saw 8?

…this first piece of news is a tricky one. On one hand, the SAW franchise is one of the greatest horror movie franchises ever. Even though they did seven of those movies, it really felt like the franchise never overstayed its welcome, or made an unnecessary film. So, we should be excited that they’re making a new one, right? I dunno. It just feels like this could be…unnecessary? The seventh one put a bow on things pretty nicely. But for better or for worse, an eighth SAW is on the way, this Halloween: https://goo.gl/t7A1SA

The 100 Greatest Metal Albums, Ever.

…here’s a couple of arbitrary lists for you to browse and consequently argue with/about. First, Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time”: https://goo.gl/hf2XhU

And now, Metallica’s Lars Ulrich gives you his 15 favourite metal and hard rock albums: https://goo.gl/nThNdW

Conor's New Mural Tells You Where His Head’s At

…even if you and I aren’t sure if Conor McGregor has a chance against Floyd Mayweather on August 26th, there’s one guy who doesn’t doubt Conor in the slightest. Conor. Check out the mural he just put up in his gym: https://goo.gl/c7A5un

Here’s The Original Trailer Park Boys Pilot

…and finally, I mentioned the other day that the Trailer Park Boys have started work on their twelfth, (yes, TWELFTH!), season. I got to wondering what the original footage must’ve looked like. And YouTube did not disappoint: