Dude News: June 4th, 2018

PLEASE Don’t Bring Your Firearm On The Dance Floor.

…first, a cautionary tale. This is a warning you should heed all 365 days of the year, but is of special importance heading into wedding season, where you’ll likely be doing a lot of dancing. So please, as you hit the dance floor, leave your firearm behind, ok?

Now, to expand on this public service announcement. What’s the secret to good wedding dancing this summer? Ne-Yo is here to help you out. “What’s a Ne-Yo?”, you’re likely asking. Ne-Yo would be an authority on a subject like dancing, dude.

And the right kind of dancing could absolutely charm that cute bridesmaid at a wedding this summer. So, get to reading Ne-Yo’s tips for wedding dancing, pronto: https://goo.gl/7AAKjF

A Vegas Brothel Wants To Throw A Big Stanley Cup Celebration

…the Vegas Golden Knights are far from done, as they took the time to remind everyone yesterday.

And, a Nevada brothel is offering up a pretty insane party for those Golden Knights, if they can come back and win that Stanley Cup: https://goo.gl/tF8orQ

Vegas gonna Vegas.

Sonic’s Getting A Movie

…and finally, a Sonic the Hedgehog movie? I don’t know if that’s something anyone’s been craving. But, we’re getting one: https://goo.gl/e77cci

Personally, I think we should be focusing our efforts on a Mario Kart motion picture.