Dude News: June 5th, 2017

Britain Is Pretty Proud Of this Londoner Who Didn’t Spill A Drop While Fleeing

…more sad news and scary moments in England this weekend, with a terror attack at the London Bridge. But in the face of it, a reason to smile. The Brits are pretty proud of this, a man fleeing the attacks…without spilling his beer: https://goo.gl/Q8mK2k

Hi Gord!

…look who our friend George Stroumboulopoulos bumped into this weekend!

We’re thinking about you, Gord.

Chuck Liddell Pours Gasoline On The Comeback Rumour Fire

…the rumours about Chuck Liddell returning to mixed martial arts are starting to pick up more steam. It doesn’t help that Chuck’s been pretty vague when asked about a return to MMA at 47 years old. He hasn’t said no, and that’s been pretty telling. And then, THIS got the Internet buzzing over the weekend:

Why not?

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PK Says Sid Didn’t Like His Breath.

…and finally, a nominee for the Hockey Sound Bite Hall of Fame, should that ever be a thing. PK Subban with a great line about Sidney Crosby after Game 3. How do you not love this guy?