Dude News: June 5th, 2018

Ginger Emojis!

…here’s the plan. I’ve got a really uncomfortable piece of video to share with you today, but before I do, I wanna get you feeling good. So, here’s the first piece of good news. If you’re redheaded, or no someone who’s ginger, you/they’ve spent years pining for emoji equality. And until this week, the redheads have sat on the sidelines, without ginger emojis to convert how they feel. Until now! Redheaded emojis have arrived, along with a bunch of others: https://goo.gl/kjgjH2

Fortnite’s Coming To Switch!

…the second piece of good news? If you’ve been wanting to play Fortnite, but have a Nintendo Switch, you’ve also been left out. NOT ANYMORE! Fornite’s on its way to the Switch, according to these leaked documents: https://goo.gl/NDnmwr

Lebron’s Doghouse Looks Uncomfortable AF

…and finally, now, for that REALLY uncomfortable video I mentioned earlier. Unlike the gingers and the Fortnite-craving Nintendo Switchers, here’s someone who’s staying on the outside looking in. Here’s the footage of LeBron James freezing out JR Smith the other night, after his fourth quarter gaffe. So incredibly awkward. I don’t care how badly you think you’ve been in the doghouse with your significant other before, this is worse.