Dude News: June 7th, 2018

A Whiskey Shortage?

…I mean, it’s great that Irish whiskey is so popular, because Irish whiskey is lovely. But the problem when anything gets super popular? That demand is hard to meet. And now, word that we might be facing a whiskey shortage. Oh, goodie. https://goo.gl/Mg2XVu

Eat A Brut, For The Cops!

…a very cool initiative at a few local Boston Pizza locations continues today, in support of the Calgary Police Foundation:

Knoxville Recaps His Injuries

…and finally, Johnny Knoxville’s new movie, ‘Action Point’, may not being do well critically (commercially!), but it did give us some good content as he made the press circuit. Here, for Vanity Fair, he recaps all of his career injuries, which takes about ten minutes. Ha!

Now, can we get a Jackass 4, please?​