Dude News: June 8th, 2018

Lubban? PKindsey? Either Way, It’s Official.

…I don’t wanna get too TMZ with this blog, because that’s just not who we are. But, it’s official! PK Subban is officially dating one of the most beautiful girls in the game. Not just the skiing game, one of the most stunning women in all of sport. The Internet spent yesterday freaking out, upon confirmation that yes, PK and Lindsey Vonn are very much dating: https://goo.gl/fbpNwN

More Caffeinated Comedians Coming To Netflix

…if you were worried that Jerry Seinfeld had run out of comedians to get caffeinated with in fancy cars, you were mistaken. Twelve new episodes are on their way to Netflix: https://goo.gl/bE1Rxi

This Lava Video Is GNARLY.

…and finally, please make sure you watch this video in 1080p, ok? Filmmaker Tyler Hulett took a rip down to Hawaii to photograph the Kilaeuea lava flow, and pieced it all together, to make a pretty wild time-lapse video.