Dude News: March 14th, 2017

Tool Is Going On Tour (Sorta)

…the good news? Tool just announced a “North American tour”! That bad news? That I had to put “North American tour” in sarcastic quotations, because this really isn’t much of a tour. Further bad news? No new album news to report. Anyway, if you wanna plan a trip, here’s where they’re playing this summer: https://goo.gl/RPxr4D

Happy Pi Day, Let Us Pie.

…happy Pi Day! How does one probably celebrate? With pie, OBVIOUSLY:

100 Men Calgary!

…I’m pretty stoked about this. I’m going 100 Men Calgary tonight, a really charity outfit that gets a bunch of dudes together to drink beer and raise funds for a local initiative. You should join me! https://goo.gl/Pv2O7s

Rogan on Mayweather/McGregor

…and finally, the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas is apparently holding a date in June for that hypothetical Mayweather/McGregor fight that won’t go away. Here’s what Joe Rogan thinks about said hypothetical scrap:

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