Dude News: March 14th, 2018

Your Favourite 90s Sports Movies Don't Do Well On Rotten Tomatoes

…maybe this news shouldn’t be so disappointing, for a couple of reasons. First, Rotten Tomatoes is a pretty savage review system, that doesn’t count “nostalgia” as one of the factors that goes into rating, I’m sure. Second, the very real possibility that some of the movies you remember most fondly just aren’t as good as your heart insists they were/are. 


Except the Mighty Ducks franchise. Those absolute hold up.


Anyway, here’s a bunch of your favourite 90s sports movies, and their very bad Rotten Tomatoes scores: https://goo.gl/FVPPmj

The Most Important Vault In The World

…the farewell to the Vans Warped Tour this summer is bound to feel a little weird to those of us that were raised on/with/at it, even though it’s not a part of many of our lives anymore. And with the last year of Warped, a documentary on punk rock summer camp is in the works: https://goo.gl/M3WdYP

A Wine Cellar Right Out Of A Spy Movie

…and finally, if anyone needs me, I’ll be installing this secret wine cellar beneath the countertop at Castle JD: