Dude News: March 1st, 2018

Metallica's Buffet Style Ticket

…I don’t know what your fall plans look like, and far be it from me to make those sorts of plans for you, but your friends in Metallica have introduced a pretty cool ticket idea for their upcoming North American tour dates. The “Wherever I May Roam” black ticket costs $598, but gets you into as many of the falls shows as you want. A person could plan a nice little road trip around a promotion like this, and catch Metallica in multiple American cities, and maybe the Winnipeg or Saskatoon show(s) here in Canada for good measure, too: https://goo.gl/gpBycp

Calgary’s 25 Best Restaurants, According To Avenue

…Avenue Calgary dropped their list of the city’s 25 best restaurants the other day, and while we may disagree on a few of the picks, it’s a today collection of eateries. Of highest personal recommendation? Elbow Room in Britannia. Go, get the Brussels sprouts, thank me later when your life changes forever. Here’s the list: https://goo.gl/bEr2cK

Sneaker Protectant Spray? Why Didn’t I Think Of This?!

…and finally, this is absolutely not an ad, because no one pays me a goddamn cent for this blog. Rather, this is just a really great idea. Especially if you’re like me, you love a good pair of shoes, but you hate how hard Calgary’s springs and winters are on them: