Dude News: March 20th, 2017

Bam Margera’s Back.

…this is really cool to see. Former (or current?) Jackass Bam Margera has had his share of struggles with addiction over the last few years, finding himself in and out of rehab, gaining weight, struggling with the loss of his best friend Ryan Dunn, and not doing the thing that got it all started for him: skateboarding. Fast forward to March of 2017 and not only is Bam sober, he’s also lighter on his feet, in a better place personally, and skateboarding! https://goo.gl/qI7WrC

A Canadian Football Video Game?

…didn’t know until yesterday that there’s a Canadian Football video game in production, and nearly done! Note that I didn’t call it a CFL video game. Disappointingly, the CFL and TSN aren't on board with the project: https://goo.gl/y2X4Qn

The Best SNL Skits Ever, According To SNL Staffers

…we didn’t get a new Saturday Night Live episode this weekend, so Rolling Stone put together a pretty cool piece in its stead. They asked 25 current/former employees about their favourite sketches of all time: https://goo.gl/jJqgRW 

The Scandinavian Skate Season Goes 12 Months of the Year

…and finally, who says skateboarding has to have an offseason? Here’s four Norwegian dudes shredding frozen sand: