Dude News: March 23rd, 2017

Kanye Likes Black Metal, Black Metal Does Not Like Kanye.

…today I learned a couple of things. Well, learned one thing, and got confirmation of something else that I probably could’ve just gone ahead and assumed. Turns out, Kanye West is a Cradle of Filth fan? Or, he just thinks they make cool merchandise. Either way, he wore the t-shirt. And as it turns out, Cradle of Filth? Not Kanye fans: https://goo.gl/XFwovs

Ovi Loves Russia, And He’s Got The Custom Skates To Prove It

…regardless of what you think about Alexander Ovechkin, there’s two things about him you can’t question. His love of the game and his love for Mother Russia. It doesn’t look like the NHL is gonna interrupt its schedule for the next Winter Olympics, but Ovi said he’ll go anyway, a decision that Washington Capitals management is OK with: https://goo.gl/EprPXx

The Capitals are doing Russian Heritage Night tonight, and Alex has some special skates for warm-ups, with a cool charity idea for after the game, too. Have a look: https://goo.gl/72eMef

Space Jam’s Soundtrack Is Getting The Vinyl Treatment

…Record Store Day announcements are firing up again, ahead of the big day, April 22nd. One of my favourites so far? The Space Jam soundtrack getting a re-release: https://goo.gl/Pei5s0

The McDonald’s Pizza Roadtrip

…and finally, I thought all McDonald’s had abandoned the whole pizza thing. Turns out, they aren’t fully extinct! There’s two McD’s in America that still offer pizza, and three Canadian dudes drove 800 km to get some: