DUDE News: March 24th, 2017

This Video Game Party Truck Looks SICK.

…this popped up in my Facebook feed yesterday, and a bunch of my friends had already liked the page…so apologies if I’m super late to this party, but this looks pretty rad! There’s a mobile video game party truck here in Calgary! It’s exactly like it sounds, a truck pulling a decked-out trailer, loaded with big screen TVs and game consoles. Perfect for guys night, or “get the kids to shut the hell up for a couple of hours” night: https://goo.gl/y7gmB3

Say Hello To The Hottest Of The 100.

…Maxim rolled out their Hot 100 for the year, featuring a ranking of the world’s sexiest females. Top spot this year belongs to a young lady with a famous last name, over 10 million Instagram followers, a history with Justin Bieber, and smoke show good looks: https://goo.gl/yal4lk

EA’s Sim Predicted The Preds' Cup Run

…who would’ve thought that the Nashville Predators would be four wins away from a Stanley Cup? Well, to be honest, EA Sports did, like 8 months ago: https://goo.gl/N87b7R

Check Out This Finnish Black(ed Out) Metal Band

…and finally, there’s a lot to love in today’s video portion of the blog. The world needs more drunken Finnish black metal bands, what a mess: