Dude News: March 28th, 2017

The Best Munchies Ever, A Bunch Of Super High People, And A Wiz Khalifa Playlist.

…the biggest news yesterday was that the government plans to have weed legalized coast to coast by July 1st, 2018. Sure, we should probably exercise caution here, and believe it when we see it, or when some wheels are actually set in motion. But what fun is that? Instead, let’s think about all of the culinary possibilities. I visited a marijuana dispensary in Portland last summer and the amount of edible options was insane. Up here, we’ve got so many foods that are intrinsically Canadian, why not give them a ganja spin? TimBits infused with weed, called “NugBits”. Poutine? Nope, that’s Pot-tine now, with Lucifer’s lettuce right inside the cheese curds. 

Anyway, ponder all of this while browsing a list of the best stoner snacks ever: https://goo.gl/xqadB9 

And enjoying this compilation of incredibly high people:

And this incredibly high Wiz Khalifa song:

Black Mirror Sh*t, Everywhere.

…if you’ve heard the expression “some Black Mirror sh*t”, you’re likely either in complete agreement at the time, or confused as hell. It’s a reference to arguably the best show on Netflix that you haven’t started watching yet. And it’ll change the way you feel about technology: https://goo.gl/xqadB9

This March Madness Hero Made It To His 8 AM Yesterday.

…I’ve always loved the expression, “wake up before your competition”, a modern day take on “early bird gets the worm”. There’s some real truth to that, man. Here’s a perfect example. University of North Carolina basketball player Luke Maye played hero this past weekend…and still made it to his 8 AM class yesterday: https://goo.gl/0o74W5

Eric Church Does Pearl Jam In Seattle

…and finally, here’s country star Eric Church taking on a pretty ambitious cover, Pearl Jam’s ‘Better Man’, in a pretty ambitious setting, their hometown: