Dude News: March 2nd, 2017

We’ve Got A Buddy On MasterChef Canada!

…MasterChef Canada fires up tonight, and we’ve got a horse in the race, guys. Meet my buddy Chris Rivest, a great dude capable of making great food, right here in Calgary. My (our) boy has made it onto the shortlist of 24 contestants and is on your television tonight. Get familiar: https://goo.gl/A71bD3

Need further reason to like the dude? Check out his wildly successful YouTube cooking channel, which is exactly what it looks like. A 30-something dude making it up as he goes along in the kitchen, while possibly (absolutely) some degree of inebriated:

Go get ‘em, Rivest.

GSP’s Got A Fight.

…we knew Georges St.Pierre was coming back, we just didn’t have the when, where, or who. Yesterday, one of those questions was answered, and another half-addressed: https://goo.gl/23R2C6

Tom Delonge Is Now A Decorated UFO Enthusiast

…congratulations to former Blink 182 guitarist Tom Delonge, named 2017 UFO Researcher of the Year! I’m not sure this pays anything at all, and I’m positive it doesn’t pay as well as being in a successful rock band. But hey, maybe craziness is its own reward: https://goo.gl/0eAYVq

A Netflix For Video Games?

…and finally, Xbox is launching its very own Netflix-esque service. Cool idea, but there’s one glaring flaw, the fact that the games will drop off eventually. So if you start one and don’t finish it, you’re gonna have to buy it: https://goo.gl/XAAEm1