Dude News: March 2nd, 2018

The World's Largest Deliverable Pizza

…here we are, on the eve of the weekend. More snow has fallen, more snow may fall, and there’s a very real chance you’ll either be hungover, snowed in, or all of the above at some point this weekend. Which is why this first link is actually a bit of a tease. Sure, you’re likely interested in seeing the world’s largest deliverable pizza. No, it’s not in Calgary, nor are we in the designated delivery zone. But yes, clicking this link will likely embed the desire for pizza in your brain, leading you to order some later this weekend. Now, here’s that 200 slice, $250 pizza, the one that’s 54 x 54 inches: https://goo.gl/3ioo1p

Troy Sticks Up For Troy

…man, good on Troy Brouwer for sticking up for himself here. As a fan, you don’t have to love an athlete’s contract. But you do need to treat them with respect. Because goddammit, you’d have signed their contract, too:

Heavy Trip!

…and finally, please enjoy the trailer for ‘Heavy Trip’, a road trip comedy about a Finnish death metal band trying to get to a big festival they’re scheduled to play:

Heavy Trip -Trailer (official) from Making Movies Oy on Vimeo.