Dude News: March 5th, 2018

Shaquem Griffin Is A BEAST.

…haaaaave you met Shaquem Griffin? This dude is a beast, and he made all kinds of headlines at the NFL Combine this weekend in Indy. He ran the fastest linebacker dash in over a decade:

He also did twenty bench press reps of 225 pounds:

NFL scouts are taking notice. Not bad for a dude who had his left hand amputated at the age of 4: https://goo.gl/u5unmh

Some of the NFL’s biggest stars were LOVING it:

But perhaps none more than his older brother, Shaquill, who plays for the Seattle Seahawks:

What a cool story.

Tom Still Thinks Aliens Exist

…if you were holding out hope that Tom Delonge was gonna drop the whole alien fascination, and get himself back to work doing Blink things, I’ve got bad news. Tom’s still really into aliens: https://goo.gl/RG1EbV

The Push Is A Trip

…and finally, if you haven’t watched The Push’ on Netflix yet, I recommend you do so this week. It’s a trip: