Dude News: March 6th, 2017

Tinder’s Got Some New Technology Coming, And It’s Weird.

…as a single dude, I try to keep a pretty close eye on dating apps. Even if you’re not active on them, it’s a pretty good gauge on where the dating scene is at. And generally, I try to keep a pretty open mind when it comes to dating technology. It’s a weird time to be single, there’s a lot of ways to meet (or try to meet) people, and an awful lot of them involve an app. But this? This weirds me out. Tinder’s about to start working with augmented reality, the kind of technology that made Pokemon Go! so popular last summer. Essentially, you’ll be able to point your phone at someone and tell if they’re single or not: https://goo.gl/mZnFiC

A Rogan/Snoop Fight Companion? 

…Joe Rogan only does colour commentary for UFC PPVs now, the free fight cards he stays home and does “fight companions” for. Basically, it’s Joe watching the fights as a fan, with some buddies, live streamed online. Pretty cool. Even cooler? The idea of him doing one with Snoop Dogg. He floated the idea the other night, and Snoop’s into it: https://goo.gl/mLPuJ7

KFC’s Sick Of Clean Eaters, Too.

…the people over at KFC are just like you and me, they can’t stand the “clean eating” posts on social media: https://goo.gl/OjPYEB

Here’s The Deadpool Teaser Everyone’s Talking About

…and finally, everyone talked about how great Logan was this weekend, maybe the best “dark” superhero movie since The Dark Knight. But what even more people were talking about? The teaser for Deadpool 2, which played beforehand in theatres, and leaked online: