Dude News: March 7th, 2017

Student Bodies Is Hoping You Want A Reunion

…remember Student Bodies? Well, some of the actors on the show are really hoping that you do, because they’re trying to make their twenty year anniversary a thing: https://goo.gl/j9NX21

Facebook’s Testing That Dislike Button You Want

…it looks like Facebook has heard our collective cries for a “dislike” button and may be about to give us the option. What a game changer this would be! Now, we might finally have the perfect passive aggressive reaction option for when a distant relative posts a dopey fitness quote about their upcoming crossfire class. Or, when a coworker posts a vague status update, hoping you’ll ask “everything ok, Kev?”, you’ll have just the button for that. Ready when you are, Zuckerberg: https://goo.gl/Owzskt

Vegas Is Getting A Robot Bar, Because Vegas

…I love Vegas, and try to visit at least once per year. Every time I go back, it seems like they’ve got something new and ridiculous, something only Vegas we think of and deem necessary. The latest? The world’s first robotic bar: https://goo.gl/ojF4bb

Here’s An RHCP Hip Hop Sample

…and finally, here’s the Chili Peppers’ “Under The Bridge” used as a hip hop sample. A portion of the proceeds from this song will be donated to the California-based Action Family Foundation, which works with youth and their families to resolve issues related to drugs, alcohol, sex and gangs.