Dude News: March 7th, 2018

Glitter Beer Is An Unfortunately Real Thing.

…don’t ask me to explain it, because I can’t. I’ve never once, on a warm patio day, or a frosty winter’s night, thought to myself, “you know what this beer needs? GLITTER.”. And yet, here we are. Glitter beers are upon us, for no good god damn reason. Please, Calgary breweries. Just don’t: https://goo.gl/T2r4Xv

The Supra’s Back!

…the second product we’re featuring in today’s blog? More desirable than glitter beer. For the record, this product placement was not by choice, nor is this blog brought to you by glittery beer, or the Toyota Supra, which the company is bringing back, by the way: https://goo.gl/QvScTY

Watch This Crazy Ukrainian Take A Bullet From An AK-47.

…and finally, unfortunately, the blog is also not brought to you by this crazy Ukrainian man, and his body armour company. But you know how to get people to buy your bulletproof vests? You get a dude to shoot you with an AK-47, to prove how good the material is:

And, for those who will wonder if this thing was fake:

Get at me for endorsement opportunities, Eastern European armourers.