Dude News: March 9th, 2018

The LA Clippers…Brought To You By Bumble

…jersey advertisements aren’t anything new, but they are relatively new to the major North American sports leagues. The NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers just became the latest, and they’ll have a popular dating app on their jerseys soon: https://goo.gl/6g1CdF

The KHL Is A Crooked Mess

…how gnarly is playing in the KHL? Check out this thread, detailing this year in the league, and why they’ve already decided who’s going to win it all, before the playoffs, because Vladimir Putin:

The Robots Are Destroying Rubik’s Cubes, And We’re Probably Next.

…and finally, in case you weren’t already terrified of robots taking over the world and likely murdering us before/during/after that process…here’s a robot solving a Rubik’s cube in no time. Like, literally, no time: