Dude News: May 11th, 2018

9 Meats You Should Be Grillin’

…ok, we survived the rain. A little more today, and then a whole bunch of sunshine and warmth over the next seven days. And with that in mind, here’s nine meats that you might not normally think about grilling, but absolutely should try BBQing this weekend: https://goo.gl/n7G1dM

UFC Calgary Is Starting To Look BADASS.

…ok, stay with me here. Because if all goes according to plan, Calgary is about to have a stacked UFC card at the end of July. Yesterday, it looks like we got another banger of a fight added to the card for July 28th:

This is a rematch, of a fight that was looking like it might be one of the fights of the year for 2017, before it was stopped early:

Still skeptical? If there’s one reason you should believe that UFC Calgary will absolutely not suck, here it is. July 28th? That’s Dana White’s birthday, and he intends to make this card a birthday present for himself: https://goo.gl/UA4EyR

Paintballs Up, Guns Down.

…and finally, here’s a cool piece from Vice, showing how paintball is helping to reduce ACTUAL gun violence, in Detroit.