Dude News: May 18th, 2018

Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller Means Everyone Can Game.

…very, very cool stuff from Microsoft to kick off today’s blog. They’ve introduced they “adaptive controller”, which will help make gaming more accessible for everyone, including people dealing with physical impairments and disabilities: 

Village’s 150 Pack Is Back!

…you asked, and they’ve delivered, just in time for summer. The homies over at Village Brewing have brought back their 150 pack, back by popular demand. Be right back, going to pick one up for our CJAY studios.

A Bad Case Of The Yips Can really Ruin Your Golf Game

…and finally, with golf on the brain for the May Long weekend, the chatter at the pub the other night turned to “The Yips”, which sounds like a fancy country club, but is actually a pretty serious mental condition that can really screw up your game. I had no idea this was a thing until the other day, but it’s a super interesting read/conversation: https://goo.gl/fcjjm5