Dude News: May 1st, 2018

The Pope’s Selling His Lambo

…look, if I’m the Pope (and granted, this is a real stretch), and I’m gifted a custom Lamborghini, there’s no way I’m letting that thing sit. Especially if it’s painted up in custom Vatican colours, has a v10 engine with 573 horsepower, and tops out around 198 mph. Even if it’s just once or twice, I’m taking that bad boy out late at night in the streets of Vatican City. But alas, I’m not the Pope. And the guy who is has decided to sell it: https://goo.gl/spZSRp

The Hip Ballet Is Coming To Town

…if you’re all out of fresh ideas for your next date night, and your girl isn’t really digging your romantic suggestion of going to watch the new Avengers film together, this might do the trick. She gets to check out the ballet, and you get an evening built around The Tragically Hip. Yes, there is a Hip ballet, and yes, that’s definitely in Calgary for a few days: https://goo.gl/ExP6Wc

The Next Tomb Raider Appears To Be Awesome

…and finally, lease enjoy this first trailer for the next Tomb Raider game, but also temper your excitement. You can’t get it until mid September.