Dude News: May 2nd, 2018

A Full GnR ‘Appetite’ Reunion?

…oh boy. Granted, this is still at “rumour” status, and could mean a variety of things. But a billboard has popped up in London, and appears to be teasing a full-blown reunion of Guns n Roses’ ‘Appetite’ lineup, possibly for this year’s Download Festival. Which would make sense, since it is the 30th anniversary of ‘Appetite for Destruction’. Here’s said billboard that’s got everyone talking: https://goo.gl/EaPWUX

More Instagram Changes Coming

…a couple of possible changes that could be coming to your Instagram feed shortly. The ability to mute people (YES!!!), and a new feature that’d let you react to people’s stories (RIP, SnapChat): https://goo.gl/xQaF1f

Bipolar Rock N Roller

…and finally, big kudos to Showtime, and to Mauro Ranallo, for what promises to be a really raw, honest look at the mental health battles faced by one of the most iconic voices in combat sports and entertainment. Can’t wait for this.